Thursday, June 9, 2011

May 28- June 6 2011 Lake Leatherwood

Wow, all it took was a little sunshine to keep me from writing! Let me see if I can remember anything....

We went hiking at Lake Leatherwood in Eureka Springs last Monday (Memorial Day).  It was a really nice day weather-wise. The lakewater was muddy from all the rains, but the streams in the woods were deliciously cool and clear. The one of the bridges across the trail was relocated by the flooding, so I took my sweaty socks and shoes off to wade across the streams.  It was both soothing and painful. We were hot, so the cool water was wonderful on my feet, but since the riverbed was ALL rocks, I did feel a few sharp jabs.

I still have poison ivy all over my hand, so I didn't do much work outside. Plus, it was in the mid to upper 90's and our air-conditioner is on the fritz. I didn't want to get hot outside and not be able to come in and cool off. Apparently the darn thing needs replaced. Thank God for the home warranty that covers this.

Saturday we went back up to Eureka for our friends' party.  Once the weather cooled off, we played volleyball and threw a glowing frisbee around once it got too dark to see the volleyball.

I now have a beautiful pink water lily flower and a white one as well.

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