Wednesday, June 22, 2011

June 16, 2011 I Have Tadpoles!

I love tadpoles. They're so cute.  I remember trying to catch them when I was little. Of course we never did (catch any) and that's okay. It was cheap entertainment. These new tadpoles I have no intention of trying to capture. I feel blessed that my little pond is home to them and whichever parent is in there. I sneak a glance every time I walk by the pond to see if I can see the frog before it disappears beneath the surface. I only just noticed the tadpoles this weekend.  I just want to saw "awww" everytime I think about them. Am I disguisting or what?

This week has been really busy (but fun)! I'm working on pulling up more posion ivy. I still managed to get a little bit on my skin. This plant is resilient and everywhere. I am determined to get rid of it without chemicals though. My skin does not thank me but maybe the bees and earthworms would if only they could.

Speaking of bees, I finally finished Plan Bee last week.  I loved it. But, I was right in thinking that I shouldn't just jump feet first into beekeeping.  Maybe I'll start with something simpler like building or buying homes for solitary bees. I've seen plans for them online and some for sale on Etsy.

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