Sunday, July 3, 2011

Truck: the Unsalvageable?

So...... I went down to my brother's last weekend to take a look at the jeep truck. My heart sank when I saw it. I wanted to cry, but pulled my big girl panties up and grabbed my camera to document what is still left of the dream. The cab (minus the hood and engine area), the bed (minus fenders and a tailgate), and a part that is laying inside the cab. That's pretty much it. I didn't see the frame or any other parts.  Swallow. Don't. cry.

Tomorrow I'm going down for 4th of July with the family. Hopefully, my brother will reveal that the frame and front of the truck just haven't made it back to our farm yet, but that they will be on their way soon. I'm holding out hope that they are simply over at his father-in-law's (who had the truck most recently) until we can get them back here.  You think?

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