Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April 26, 2011 Landscaping 101

I found and joined an online Landscaping 101 class through the local library today.  So excited!!! The first assignment has us testing our soil. I just came from Lowe's with my soil testing kit. It sounds more complicated than I thought it might be. I've also invested in a rain guage/thermometer combo that will help me keep track of weather conditions, which is my intention with this blog. While at Lowe's I couldn't resist also picking up pond testing strips. Our poor little pond...... Those little lily pads are the only things keeping it from looking completely depressed.

It has been cloudy most of the day today, though I do vaguely recall actually using my sunglasses for about 15 minutes in walking to my car after work. Thunder is currently sporadic. Sprinkles led the dogs and I back indoors from our short foray into the backyard. David is driving in the midst of the storm now about 20 minutes North of here. I feel a downpour is eminent. My supervisor at work said 13 inches of rain has fallen at his house in Goshen since this deluge began. Seems difficult to imagine, but I believe it.

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